What is Adult Bible Fellowship?

Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) assists adults in becoming fully developing followers of Christ, by providing small groups with similar ages, interests, and/or family structures meeting for interactive Bible study, connected through fellowship, organized for care, involved in ministry service and growing through accountability.

Why should I attend ABF?

Sometimes we can get lost in a large crowd. At First Baptist Church, our Adult Bible Fellowships are small communities within our body of believers. They are the ministering arm of our organization that keeps our growing church “small.” Each ABF is designed to enrich your life through solid relationships and exciting Bible teaching. An ABF is a great place to find support and biblical help in our confusing world.

Which ABF should I attend?

Our desire at First Baptist Church in Mt. Vernon, is that every member attends an Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF). We want you to try out each ABF and find out which one is a good fit for you. ABFs are a great place to connect with others experiencing the same life stage you are, discover other’s faith stories, and uncover Biblical truths that will impact your life and your walk with Christ.

I am not a member, can I still attend?

Most definitely! As a matter of fact, attending an ABF prior to church membership is recommended. This will allow you to get a feel for the people of FBCMV, prior to considering membership. You are free to come as often as you like and choose the fellowship which fits you best. So be our guest this Sunday morning